Become a Member of APAC 

New members are always welcome! 

Join our club of passionate, vibrant and enthusiastic photographers. We come from all walks of life and ages and photography experience. We invite you to join us for an evening of photography.


Membership benefits include:

  • Opportunities to submit digital images and prints to monthly club competitions
  • Opportunities to submit digital images and prints to external competitions entered by the club
  • Opportunities to display your images with the club at external and online events.
  • Educational opportunities, information sessions, critiques, workshops and presentations
  • Participate in club outings, events and exhibitions
  • Discounts on photo processing and with local retailers.


We normally meet twice a month, on the first and third Monday from September to June and usually give our members a break to enjoy holidays in the summer months of July and August.


COVID19 Update:


 During this time of COVID19 we are running meetings year around and have adapted our meetings to online video conferencing using the ZOOM platform. We expect to continue to provide our meetings on ZOOM for the foreseeable future and encourage new members from inside and outside our geography to join our club. With ZOOM we are able to have our regular Exhibition Nights with guest judges and our Program Nights with all manner of information and education, with ease. And, all from the comfort of our own homes. Everything we would do in person at our club we do on ZOOM!  Using ZOOM with APAC


It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out with your first digital camera or are a long time advanced photographer the club has members of all abilities and prides itself in mentorship. All of our events are convivial and the club is respectful and nurturing.


Exhibition Nights

The first Monday meeting night is for Exhibition night. On Exhibition nights, members submit their images for evaluation and critique by trained and certified independent judges and members earn points toward advancement. 


Program Nights

Program nights provide a wide variety of educational opportunities on all things photography for beginners and advanced photographers presented via guest speakers, members, workshops and demonstrations. Programs nights range from Show & Tells where members present images for the club to appreciate and help improve to lectures and demonstrations from expert photographers on image taking and post processing.


Executive Meetings

General club business is conducted at these meetings;

  • Held on the fourth Monday of most months
  • Any member in good standing is welcome to attend.


Annual General Meeting

Typically falling in June the AGM schedule is posted to our calendar.


Check Us Out as a Guest:

If you’re a budding or avid photographer that wants to join a community of other photography enthusiasts like you, come and check out one of our meetings. We would love to see you there. And, after a meeting we can provide some one on one time using Zoom to answer any of your questions too. 

To join one of our meetings as a guest, send an email to and request guest access to our next Zoom meeting. Check out our Calendar for the next meeting and come and visit us!


Membership Pricing


$60 per individual annually.

A member that has fully paid their dues and is afforded the rights and privileges of the club as outlined in the Member's Handbook.


$30 per individual annually.

A Junior Member is a person under the age of 18, and is afforded the rights and privileges of the club as outlined in the Member's Handbook.


$100 Annually.

2 Adults and up to 2 children under the age of 16.


A distinction awarded by the executive to members who have distinguished to the club.


Membership fees are due annually in September, but new members can join at any time of the year and the fees are prorated. 

For more detailed information on APAC download our Member's Handbook

Any questions on becoming a member, contact



How to Join:


New members (If you have never been a Member)


If you are new to APAC and have never been a member, please follow these 3 steps in order:


1.     Create an account on our website  - you will see a “Create an Account” section below 

2.     Fill out our membership information form here

3.     When steps one and two are completed you will receive an email within 48hrs verifying that you have been made an Associate Member. When you have received the email, Login to your newly created account on our website and navigate to the “Membership Payment” page under the Membership menu to pay for your membership. When payment is received you will receive another email verifying that your account has been upgraded to a Full Competing Member with all the ensuing rights and privileges and you are ready to start entering our competitions and attending our meetings and events!



Current Members looking to Renew their memberships OR Past Members looking to Rejoin:


1.     If your membership has not expired:


If you are a current member and your membership has not expired Login into your account and navigate to the “Membership Payment” page under the Membership menu to pay and renew your membership.


2.     If your membership has expired:


If you are a member and your membership has expired you will no longer be able to see the Membership Payment page on our website. Please send an email to . Your expired account will be upgraded to Associate Status. This will enable you to access the Membership Payment page for payment and renewal. Once you have made your payment your account will be upgraded to Full Competing Member status again.


3.     If you are a Past Member looking to Rejoin:


a.     If you are a past member with an existing account on our website send an email to expressing your desire to rejoin. Your past account will be upgraded to Associate Status and you will receive an email to this effect. This will provide access to the Membership Payment page for renewal. Once you have renewed your payment your account will be upgraded to Full Competing Member status again. 


b.     If you are a past member without an existing account on our website please refer to the New Members section above and follow the steps to create an account and rejoin. 

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