Duties of Executive Members



To provide leadership, guidance and supervision in all activities.



To perform, in the absence of the President, his/her duties, and to lend assistance as required.


Past President

To act as advisor and provide continuity to the executive.



To keep accurate records of executive meetings and to be responsible for club correspondence.



To ensure all financial matters of the club are accurately recorded and to handle accounts payable and accounts receivable.



Responsible for selecting interesting topics and speakers for the educational part of our meetings.



To greet members and guests as they arrive at in person meetings. Collect membership dues as necessary during in person meetings. Ensure an up- to-date register of members including names, addresses and telephone numbers. To introduce new members and guests at meetings.


Refreshments Coordinator

To ensure refreshments are provided at each club meeting.


Web Master

Administrates the club website


Community Liaison

Make the community aware of APAC as a club and its activities. Promote Photography as an art form.



Club communications link. Informs members, as necessary, of events and other information.


Meet Up Coordinator

Organizes photographic meet ups



Organizes and obtains the adjudicators for all inside club exhibitions.


Inside Projected Exhibitions

Organizes the showing of projected APAC inside exhibitions.


Inside Print Exhibitions

Organizes the showing of member’s prints in APAC inside exhibitions.


Outside Projected Exhibitions

Is responsible for the selection and entry of APAC members’ projected images in outside exhibitions.


Outside Print Exhibitions

Is responsible for the selection and entry of APAC members’ prints in outside print exhibitions.


Exhibition Records Keeper

Maintains member score sheets. Allocates scores to the appropriate exhibition categories. Responsible for the presentation of level advancement certificates and year-end awards.


Social Media Manager 

Administer APAC social media marketing and promotion. Administration includes but is not limited to:

  • Planning, strategy and goal setting
  • Development of APAC awareness and online reputation
  • Integrate all channels of promotion
  • Content management (including website)
  • Reputation management
  • Community engagement



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