Tips on Choosing Exhibition Images


Validity of Subject

If one is to enter exhibitions; the individual should enter the best photographs. Best photographs, in this case means those most likely to score high marks. The information following is a guide to identify the image that will be a good choice for exhibitions.


Points of Choice

  • Simplicity.
  • Impact.
  • Strong narrative.
  • Good technique - exposure, focus, light temperature.
  • Presentation - images free of dust specks or blemishes and prints mounted and mattedcleanly.


Subjects to Choose (a partial list only)

  • Strong, clean graphics.
  • Strong colours in simple designs.
  • Easily read mood pictures.
  • Spectacular lighting on familiar subjects.
  • Exotic subjects with spectacular lighting.
  • Children - with mood, cute and cuddly, annoyed, pouting or covered in mud.
  • The young of nearly all mammals.
  • Sports with strong, easy to read action.
  • Sports with strong colours.
  • Still life - strong, simple interesting colour or tone.
  • Close-ups of wild animals.
  • Wild animals with exciting lighting.
  • Wild animals showing exciting action.
  • Wild flowers and plants - good specimens that fit and fill the frame, with spectacular lighting, good background and colours that sing.
  • Portraits - beautiful women, handsome men, character studies.


Colour in Exhibition Images

The emotional impact of colour can complicate or compliment the choice of images for exhibition. A reminder is that adjudicators may not respond to colours in the same manner as the image-maker does. Or the design may not work due to a strong colour that draws our attention away from the subject or theme of our image. As a general rule, subtle colours and statements do poorly under the pressures and time constraints associated with adjudicating. Always remember impact!


Monochrome Exhibition Images

Tonal quality has to be the substitute for colour in black and white images. In some respects, this is good, as colour tends to take over the design with colour images, - colour becomes the picture. Mood is often very important in Monochrome.



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