Editing Rules for DOMAIN FIVE - Artistic


Artistic - Images that allow the maker complete freedom from any restrictions to create photographic works of art. No restrictions on edits. Images may include elements or components from any source and that do not have to be created by the maker. Scoring counts for club but images may not be eligible for outside competition.


Editing Rules for Artistic:

Open Editing – Artistic




Any in-camera, on-camera and/or post-processing techniques may be used.


HDR, focus stacking and in-camera multiple exposure taken at the same location at the same time (as a continuous sequence – seconds or minutes apart is allowed.


Post processing HDR is allowed.


Physical lens filters (such as polarizing filters, ND filters etc – any filter that can be attached to a lens) are permitted.


Panoramic stitching is permitted.


Third party pre-sets, applications, brushes and actions may be used. Images or components that are not created by the maker are permitted.


Digital Creative Filters either on camera or in post processing are permitted.


Digital frame, pin-line, borders, edge effects, discrete borders and mats are permitted. 


Techniques that add, relocate, clone, replace, or remove pictorial elements are permitted.


Combining multiple images and elements or/and compositing to create a final image is permitted and may include images or components that are not created by the maker.  


Images can be converted to monochrome.


Infrared images are permitted.



Not Permitted


The image may not be solely created by a computer application.


Non-photographic components, that identify the maker i.e. signatures, watermarks, etc are not permitted.


Using someone else’s work in its entirety is not permitted and would be disallowed as plagiarism.

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