Qualifying Images


Originality Rule

All images, photographic components, and non-photographic components of images must be the maker’s original work except as noted in Domain 5.



APAC exhibition image submissions fall into the five domains of Documentary, Pictorial, Creative, Open, & Artistic.  

Editing & image enhancements are permitted in all five domains, but are subject to the editing rules specific to each Domain.

The categories that correspond to each Domain can be found here.



The complete guide to image submission editing criteria can be found in the APAC Image Submission Criteria Handbook

Editing rules for each Domain also appear on our website from the "Qualifying Image Menu under the Competition Menu and can be directly accessed here:

Editing Rules for Domain 1

Editing Rules for Domain 2

Editing Rules for Domain 3

Editing Rules for Domain 4

Editing Rules for Domain 5



  • Projected images are displayed as full quality jpg files with maximum 1800 pixel horizontal dimension or 1200 pixel vertical dimension but can be entered at any size. The Photo Pursuits website that the club uses for submissions will automatically resize your images to these dimensions.
  • Prints must be single matted with backing and securely attached. Only black or white mattes are permitted and must be no larger than 16x20 inches. Print sizes must fit within the matte and be no smaller than 5x7 inches.


Full Nudity not Permitted

APAC desires to be an inclusive club and to be considerate of younger members and those with conservative sensibilities. For this reason images containing full nudity and erotica are not permitted. For more information please refer to the category entitled–“Mature(ZM)”.



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