Qualifying Images



All images, photographic components, and non-photographic components of images must be the maker’s original work except as noted below. 



  • Non-photographic components, that identify the maker i.e. signatures, watermarks, etc are not permitted. However, edge effects and discrete borders and frames are permitted.
  • Computer simulated/generated photographic components such as clouds, lightning, drop shadows, textures, water etc., that are not the maker’s original work are only permitted in the Creative Edit, Open and Monochrome categories.

  • Enhancements, such as removing dust specks or scratches, distortion correction, straightening horizons, both local and global adjustment of contrast, brightness, colour balance and saturation, along with techniques of combining multiple exposures of the same scene (e.g., HDR, focus stacking, selective layering,) merely extends the amount of control that can get the image closer to how the reality was visualized by the photographer. Typically, this is essential photographic processing skill and encouraged in all categories.

  • Manipulation Techniques of compositing, cut and paste, cloning and layering different scenes or images together are time honoured photographic processing techniques but are only permitted in the Creative Edit, Open and Monochrome categories, and all items must be the original work of the maker.



  • Projected images are displayed as full quality jpg files with maximum 1800 pixel horizontal dimension or 1200 pixel vertical dimension but can be entered at any size. The Photo Pursuits website that the club uses for submissions will automatically resize your images to these dimensions.
  • Prints must be single matted with backing and securely attached. Only black or white mattes are permitted and must be no larger than 16x20 inches. Print sizes must fit within the matte and be no smaller than 5x7 inches.


Full Nudity not Permitted

APAC desires to be an inclusive club and to be considerate of younger members and those with conservative sensibilities. For this reason images containing full nudity and erotica are not permitted. For more information please refer to the category entitled–“Mature(ZM)”.



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