General Guidelines

At APAC we call our competitions Exhibitions. Each month, members may enter one image for assigned topics, plus up to two additional images, according to defined categories, in the form of prints or digital files.

  • Only full members are eligible to enter.
  • All entries must be the maker’s original work.
  • All images must be submitted via the APAC website and be titled; see naming and submission rules.
  • Adjudicator’s points and comments are final.
  • An image entered in any of the categories is recognized for top honours if it attains the highest score in the level in which it is entered.
  • Images must be entered in the correct category, based on APAC category definitions.
  • Images will be screened and if found inappropriate and/or entered in the incorrect category, at the determination of the Exhibitions Committee, they will be reassigned or disqualified.
  • An image receiving a score of 7.5 or less will be allowed to be re-entered up to two more times in future club exhibitions.
  • Images receiving a score of 8 or greater cannot be resubmitted to any other APAC Exhibitions. This includes any Assigned Topic Exhibition or any category in any General Exhibition. 


Defined Category Subjects

The purpose of the monthly exhibition in the defined categories is to encourage members to participate in a wide range of photographic genres; provide an evaluation of their work; and an opportunity, by accumulating points, for promotion through the club levels. Each submission is critiqued and scored by a qualified adjudicator.


Assigned Subjects

The purpose of the monthly assigned topics is for members to challenge their photographic ability in areas which the individual photographer may not normally participate. Members are encouraged to explore their creativity and skill, yet hold true to the assigned theme in an identifiable manner.


Exhibition Rules of Conduct

An important aspect of the learning process is to be able to take the criticism and use it to improve your photographic ability.

  • The adjudicator has the prerogative to correct the score on any image(s), but must do so before the next image is presented.
  • There will be no conversation or discussion with the adjudicator during the exhibition unless initiated by the adjudicator.
  • There should be no conversation or discussion with fellow club members during the adjudication. It is only common courtesy to the adjudicator and to the maker of the image that is being viewed.

Remember that adjudicators are providing comments and suggestions that are their opinion and the scoring can change from one observation to another. Hear and accept the comments using the ideas to improve your practice of photography.

The end result — APAC encourages you to participate on a consistent basis. Learn from competing against other competitors and more importantly, yourself.


Outside Competitions and Exhibitions

The club participates in several annual competitions that are referred to as “Outside Competitions.”

Eligible Images

Any member may submit as many images that they feel would do well in these outside competitions. Entries do not necessarily have to be adjudicated or entered into any of our own club competitions. The competitions Committee may hold back entries that they feel are of good competition quality.

Selection Process

All entries for Outside Competitions are reviewed and the BEST of all entries are selected and submitted as our Club entries in these competitions. Any club member that wishes to be part of this review group may volunteer their expertise.

Care and Handling

Printed images not selected for competition will be returned to the makers as soon as possible. Originals selected and sent away for competition will be returned to the maker when they are returned from the respective competition. Digital submissions will be archived, on APAC file, and not returned.

Recognition and Feedback

The Outside Competitions Chair will make an effort to present the entries, with the points and maker’s name at a club meeting.


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