2021 - 2022 Monthly Assigned Topics:

Images must be submitted by 11:30 pm on the Wednesday prior to Exhibition Night. 

September 2022

Back Alleys - Hidden gems and treasures found in a back alley.

October 2022
Motion - Capturing movement in the frame.  It can be of 3 types of movement.  Suspended movement, freeze a literal split second to capture details imperceptible to the human eye.  Motion blur, capture a subject’s movement amidst the stillness of the setting.  Visual flow, takes the viewer’s eye on a graceful, gently meandering visual journey through your photographic composition.
November 2022
Ground Level - Either something on the ground or getting low and close to the ground for a different perspective.
December 2022
Leaves - An individual leaf or a collection of leaves.  Look for interesting shapes, lines, patterns, colours and textures in the leaf/leaves. Separating a leaf from the background through a shallow depth of field or using bokeh can result in an interesting image. 
January 2023

Fall/Winter (CAPA)  - The Cold – image reflecting the low temperatures. For example (but not limited to): animals and birds in the cold; cold weather sports or other human activities, including winter portraits; outdoor winter scenes (including Christmas or other winter religious celebrations); rural or urban landscape, astrophotography, seascapes, cityscapes; close-ups of snow flakes, ice bubbles, etc; winter leaves of plants, trees etc.; frozen elements such as frozen ponds or icebergs; cold weather phenomenon such as the northern lights; winter transportation such as sleds, snowmobiles, etc.

February 2023

Canada: My Country

To assist you in seeking out the best image for this competition, CAPA has included  the ideas below:

•  cultural heritage

•  geographical uniqueness

•  historical events or locations

•  iconic landscape/cityscape

•  roughness of Canadian landscape

•  seasonal uniqueness

•  symbols of caring, confidence, courage, encouraging, helping others, nurturing, pride, respect, self-sacrifice and trust

•  nature

•  wildlife specific to Canada

•  Architecture

Your image can include aircraft, animal (feral or wild life), architecture, landscape, objects, people, plants, sea mammals, trains, vehicles, vessels, etc…

This competition will consist of five regional themes:

•  Atlantic Zone (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, Prince Edward Island & Nunavut)

•  Pacific Zone (British Columbia & Yukon)

•  Prairie Zone (Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Northwest Territory)

•  Ontario Zone

•  Quebec Zone

Your image can be captured as a resident or visitor of a regional theme.

March 2023
Long Exposure -  30 seconds or more.
April 2023
Geometry – Any image that has lines, curves, angles or shapes such as architecture or other man-made structures.
May 2023
Colour Harmony - Color harmonies are combinations that are visually appealing to the human eye. A color harmony is when you have two or more different colors that complement each other. This is a key tool used by both artists and photographers to communicate with their viewers, as it is used to evoke a mood or emotion.
June 2023 Multiple Exposures - Either done in camera or in post.


Note: The word CAPA means that 6 images will be selected from the club images to compete in a Club competition with other Club members from the Canadian Association for Photographic Art.  The two competitions APAC will compete in this year are Fall/Winter and Canada: My Country.  You don’t have to be a member of CAPA to participate in these Inter-Club competitions.


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