2021 - 2022 Monthly Assigned Topics:

Images must be submitted by 11:30 pm on the Wednesday prior to Exhibition Night. 

September 2023

Leaf & Petal Patterns - These patterns are used to identify different varieties of plants. even dandelions can offer a radial spread of leaves which can be photographed and played with in post. petals come in such a variety of shapes and patterns

October 2023
Artistic (CAPA) -

CAPA defines artistic as “an image produced with the intention to portray a creative vision based primarily on an aesthetic and emotional thrust.”

For the purpose of this competition, the entrant will submit their image into one of the following three themes:

Abstract Art is a method of expressing ideas and emotions with photographed image elements without the intention of creating a traditional or realistic image. The image needs to have something that retains the viewer’s attention, draws them in, keeps them looking and generates an emotional response. Examples of creating Abstract Art – a captured image is distorted or transformed; double exposure; blurred; smoke form captured image; camera movement or composition of captured images, etc… 

Altered Reality is a manipulation of one or more photographed elements to create a fictional scene which conveys a message or tells a story. Manipulation can be undertaken in-camera or in post processing. For example, tiny planet effect images are accepted in this theme. High Dynamic Range (HDR) image without additional changes is not considered an Altered Reality image.

Creative Image is one that was specifically created using props or amplification of elements not normally viewed by the human eye such as: bokeh, colour glitch effect, double exposure effect, high-speed capture, interweaving strips effect, lens ball, LED light stick, light painting, long-exposures, macro, photo mosaic, photo montage, photo montage, rain, reflection, shadows, steel wool, string of lights, water drop, water splash, water & oil, x-ray, etc…

November 2023
Music (CAPA) -


Creative musical image can be abstract, expressionist or altered reality.  Image can include: musical notes, lines (staff), musical instrument(s), musician(s), person(s), etc… Query Google Music Art images for some inspirational ideas.

Musical instruments – image of musical instrument(s). Query Google Music Photography images for some inspirational ideas.

Musical performers – musician(s) which includes: orchestra, band, singers, choir, marching band, etc… Query Google Music Performance Photograph images for some inspirational ideas.

Performing to music – includes: all forms of dancing and/or movement to music such as: street dancing, dance performance, ballet, exercise class, musical production, etc… Image can contain one or more persons.  Query Google Music performance photograph images for inspirational ideas.

December 2023

Decay - Decay can be defined as to decline, to fall into ruin, or to decline in health, strength, or vigor. Your challenge is to create images that document or convey the sense of decay.

January 2024

Looks Like A Painting – A photograph that appears to be a painting. This effect could be achieved in-camera or through post processing techniques. We have all seen photographs that when first viewed appeared to be a painting. This can be accomplished through composition, costume selection, poses, colors. Another option that requires less creativity is to use filters in your favorite photo editing software to achieve the effect.

February 2024

Staircases - this could be a stairway to heaven, a stairway to hell or somewhere in between.

March 2024

Inside Looking Out -  Set the camera inside of something to show the view looking out of that thing/object. For example, you could put the camera in the back of your locker and take the picture to show what it looks like with you getting something out of the locker.

April 2024

Soft Focus – Soft focus photography is a technique used to capture images that reduces the contrast of fine detail in the image. Soft focus can also utilize a lens flaw where the lens forms blurred images due to spherical aberration. Spherical aberration is an optical issue that occurs when incoming rays of light focus at different points after passing through a spherical lens. 

May 2024

Bark Art - Look closely at the trunks of those trees you pass every day, you’ll find lovely shapes, colours, abstracts. 

June 2024

Ripples - A small wave or series of waves on the surface of water especially as caused by an object dropping into it or a slight breeze.



Note: The word CAPA means that images will be selected from the club images to compete in a Club competition with other Club members from the Canadian Association for Photographic Art.  The two competitions APAC will compete in this year are Artistic and Music.  You don’t have to be a member of CAPA to participate in these Inter-Club competitions.


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