APAC supports the Canadian Copyright Act. The Canadian Copyright Act grants the original creator of an image (copyright owner) the sole and exclusive right to reproduce, perform or publish a work. Copyright protects the expression of an idea and not the idea itself, therefore you may recreate an image, but you may not reproduce someone else’s work by photographing their work.

For the purposes of APAC exhibition we (the executive) deem that the following is ineligible for entry:

any photo taken of a printed picture, i.e. from a book or poster, which shows only that picture or other copyrighted materials to which you do not own the copyright.

This allows for creative expression through photography of an image which may contain copyrighted
material. Example: still life shot along a nautical theme including a map (copyrighted), an open book showing pictures of an island (copyrighted), a model sailboat and a compass. Because you are not just reproducing the pictures printed in the book, your final image is your own and therefore okay.

Copyright protection is automatic in Canada. It exists upon the creation of a work. There is no requirement to register a work, or mark it with the copyright symbol (©). Obviously if your images are marked ©, it simply acts as a reminder to anyone contemplating reproducing your work that copyright exists.



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