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October, 2022
October, 2022
October 2022
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Executive Meeting (7:30 PM PDT)
Exhibition Night (7:00 PM PDT)
Program Night - Architectural Heritage Photography with Rick Hulbert (7:00 PM PDT)
Architectural Heritage Photography with Rick Hulbert Rick’s presentation is designed to appeal to all photographers, regardless of their level of experience and expertise. Four challenges will be presented that will enhance your understanding of photographing heritage structures. You will learn about key compositional principles that will guide your portrayal of enhanced photographic “realism” in the documentation of building exteriors and building interiors. You will be exposed to various methods of portraying a sense of 3-dimensional depth on a  2-dimensional screen or canvas.  Think of structures worthy of a Heritage Designation as . . . “Unique constructions, deemed to possess a cultural value worthy of saving, preserving, repurposing, or celebrating due to relative age, rarity, artistic or technical achievement, and which are most likely not to be duplicated in the future.” About Rick Hulbert Rick‘s photography is informed from his background as an international award winning Professional Architect and Urban Designer. He is a "Life Member" of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, and a “Fellow" of The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Rick Hulbert is a teacher of photography at Simon Fraser University and Langara College in Vancouver, Canada, and in more normal times leads multi-day photo-workshops throughout Europe and North America. His teachings reflect his knowledge of the History of the 2-Dimensional Arts of Drawing and Painting along with the Sciences of Human Vision. Rick Hulbert was one of only 2 photographers invited to attend and display his Fine Art images at the World Art Games held in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Executive Meeting (7:30 PM PDT)

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